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Press Enterprise, Inc. began its roots as a newspaper publisher and printer in 1902. From the earliest days, Press Enterprise, Inc. was destined to grow along with the local communities it served. In 1977, Press Enterprise, Inc. took the leap and expanded its facility to add Commercial Printing and provide additional services for the communities they serve. Since then, our Commercial Printing division has grown to add Small and Large Format capabilities in 2010 and continues to serve the local community and the East Coast of the United States, with goals to continue to grow.

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“Press Enterprise has been our trusted partner for producing newspaper inserts as well as a myriad of other products over the past 15+ years. What I love about Press Enterprise and our super team is number 1, attitude. They are so pleasant to work and tackle issues and problems that arise with ease keeping my mind at rest. Number 2, they have a great stable of various equipment to meet almost any need that I have. These two major aspects that Press embodies along with first class communication is what you need in a long-standing print partner, and Press continues to drive that point home for me year after year.”

Kerry Lodish
Integra Graphics Synergy

We are a proud member of the Columbia-Montour Chamber of Commerce.

About Us

We are a leader in the commercial print industry, because our goal is to make our customers look great.
We do that not only with our innovative printing equipment, but also with our creative approach to each job and our unique applications of knowledge to find any solution.

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Press Enterprise Commercial Printing 570-387-1234 ext 1260